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IWSLT Travel Grant - ATR-Trek Travel Grant & Best Student Paper Award


ATR-Trek Travel Grant, for IWSLT 2017 

IWSLT 2017 is pleased to inform you that thanks to the support from ATR-Trek, it became possible to offer a travel grant to a student who is the author of an accepted Scientific Paper or Evaluation Campaign paper and will give a presentation at the workshop.

Details for application of ATR-Trek Travel Grant, for IWSLT 2017 

  • The applicants must be students who will give presentations of system description papers or scientific papers.
  • The applicants must submit their grant application with the following form to the local organizers (iwslt2017-local∂is.natis.jp) by 12th November
  • A letter of recommendation is required and must be attached with the e-mail for the grant application.
  • The grant committee will decide winners according to the review or feedback results by 17th November.



--- Application form —

- Name:

- Affiliation:

- Paper title:

(* A letter of recommendation must be attached)



IWSLT Best Student Paper Award – Sponsored by kites GmbH

This year, the best student-paper award was kindly sponsored by Karlsruhe Information Technology Solutions – kites GmbH.