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Call for Participation

The International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT) is a yearly scientific workshop, associated with an open evaluation campaign on spoken language translation, where both scientific papers and system descriptions are presented. The 14th International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation will take place in Tokyo, Japan, on December 14-15, 2017.


Evaluation Campaign

IWSLT 2017 will offer three official evaluation tasks: multilingual text translation of TED talks (including zero-shot translation), text translation of dialogues, speech recognition of lectures and speech translation of lectures. Multilingual translation will target English, German, Dutch, Italian and Romanian; translations of dialogues will be from Japanese to English; and speech translation of lectures will be from German to English. Additional unofficial text translations of TED talks will be offered à-la-carte according to expressions of interest by the participants. Training and development data will be released to the participants through the workshop website begin of June 2017. For the multilingual task both large and small training data constraints will be defined.

Scientific Papers

The IWSLT invites submissions of scientific papers to be published in the workshop proceedings and presented in dedicated technical sessions of the workshop, either in oral or poster form. The workshop welcomes high quality, original contributions covering theoretical and practical issues in the fields of automatic speech recognition and machine translation that are applied to spoken language translation. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:


  • MT and SLT approaches
  • Integration of ASR and MT
  • MT and SLT evaluation
  • Language resources for MT and SLT
  • Open source software for ASR, MT and SLT
  • Multilingual MT and ASR
  • Applications of MT and SLT
  • Adaptation in MT, ASR and SLT
  • Post- and Pre-processing for ASR, MT and SLT
  • Efficiency in ASR, MT and SLT




Evaluation Campaign


  • June 5: Release of train and dev data (*)
  • Sep. 11 - 17: Multilingual task evaluation
  • Sep. 11 - 17: Lectures ASR evaluation
  • Sep. 18 - 24: Lectures SLT evaluation
  • Sep. 18 - 24: Dialogue task evaluation
  • Oct. 22: System description paper
  • Nov. 12: Review feedback
  • Nov. 26: Camera ready
  • (*) Release of training data of the Dialogue task will be announced later.


Scientific Papers


  • Sep. 30: Paper submissions
  • Oct. 31: Notification of acceptance
  • Nov. 12: Camera ready


Submitted manuscripts will be subject to a blind peer-reviewed. Authors of accepted papers are requested to present their paper at the workshop.